These excellent experts support the participants in the Urban Greenhouse Challenge#3 on their journey with knowledge and advice.

Guillaume Morel-Chevillet
GROOF - Greenhouses to Reduce CO2 on Roofs - Interreg NWE
Urban farming researcher
Jan Westra
Strategic Business Developer
Thera Rohling
Programmamanager Sustainable Urban Delta
Rosalie van Schie
Cauberg Huygen
Environmental Advisor
Martijn Bruin
Business Developer
Martin van Dijk
Business Developer Propagation
Sjaak van Burgsteden
First Farms
farm manager
Art van Rijn
Artechno Growsystems
Founder & Owner
Hilke Bos
WUR: programma Saskia Visser
Senior Scientist - coach on circularity
Alexander Boedijn
WUR: programma Saskia Visser
Researcher Greenhouse Technology
Manuel Oomen
The Hawthorne Gardening Company
Marketing & Business Dev Mgr
Niels Groen
KUBO group
Manager R&D
Thomas van Dusseldorp
KUBO group
Business Development & Sales USA
Eric Harris
University District of Columbia
Point of contact UDC Student Coaches
Tiffany Tsui
vertical farm institute
Chief Strategy Officer (CSO)
Lotte van Dueren den Hollander
BO Akkerbouw
Peter van den Dool
Van der Knaap
Company Development Officer